2masternodes.com | Buy cryptocurrency masternode shares and get passive income


Masternodes are the new type of mining. The Masternode is a server with a complete cryptocurrency blockchain. A masternode performs certain tasks related to transaction approving and propagation along the network. A Masternode is rewarded for these tasks.

There is always a deposit required to start a masternode. When the masternode is closed the deposit is returned to the investor.

2Masternodes enables anyone to buy a masternode or masternode share with a few clicks. No registration is needed. The only data stored will be your wallet address. The service fee is charged from the masternode rewards. There are no extra charges.

The process of the masternode generation is anonymous and transparent – all transactions are public, and you can easily monitor service operations using the blockchain explorer that provides information about cryptocurrency blocks. To buy a masternode share, you need a full blockchain wallet of the selected cryptocurrency with access to private keys. A wallet registered on the cryptocurrency exchange is not suitable to use the service! Read more