About Geekcash Project

GeekCash is a new digital currency, based on Bitcoin and Dash, that enables anonymous, instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. GeekCash uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. Exactly, GeekCash is a community governance, cooperation and growth to decentralized economy.

In the future, the GeekCash is used to transfer money and pay in an ecosystem consisting of 6 projects. Some projects have been researched for 4 years. In there, the social network project will be deployed as soon as possible, the remaining secret projects will be gradually opened … Please wait!

With solid foundations prepared beforehand, GeekCash have ambitious plans for the future.

Super Fast

Secure instant transactions by the InstantSend technology. Send or receive transfers in a fraction of second.


Security you can count on. Transactions are confirmed by miners and masternode servers hosted around the world.


PrivateSend technology adding privacy to transactions. Identical inputs, transactions cannot be directly traced, obfuscating the flow of funds and make anonymous transfers.

Real Ecosystem

Geek focus on the Ecosystem for content creators, sharing passion, affiliate marketing, MMO… or using the Internet to sell or distribute their creations to their fans.


Masternodes help keep integrity of network and enable support for PrivateSend and InstantSend. Earn up to 80% of the block reward running a node and contributing to the network.

Governance & Budget

Gives the community a voice to vote on proposals and the direction of the project. 10% of block rewards will be allocated to project development


Name GeekCash
Ticker GEEK
Public Address Prefix G
Algorithm Geek
P2P Port 6889 (Testnet: 16889)
RPC Port 6888 (Testnet: 16888)
Block Time 2.5 minutes
Block Size 2Mb
Max Block Size 128Mb
Difficulty Retarget Every block
Difficulty Algorithm Dark Gravity Wave v3.0
Halving 3 months
Halving Decline 1%
Masternode Requirement 100,000 GEEK
Masternode Reward 50% - 80% of block reward
PoS Period nHeight ≥ 4032
Governance & Budget Period nHeight ≥ 180,000
Dynamic Block Reward Yes
Maturity 101 confirmations
CPU + GPU Mining Yes
Air drop No
Initial Supply 5%
Supply First Year ~878M GEEK
Supply Second Year ~979M GEEK
Supply After 2115+ ~3,6B GEEK

Work hard and be Geek !

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