[ANN] EXPI 🔥 POS/MN Application for Payment of Your Knowledge

EXPi app

Payment Your Knowledge and Experience
*INFORMATION is exchanged for money daily throughout the world,
however the modern-day tools to do so are cumbersome, costly, and inefficient.
Blockchain technology has opened up the opportunity for borderless peer to peer transactions. This potential that the exchange of statistics for cash can be made on a world scale barring a costly intermediary. EXPi, our slicing area application, is designed to join expertise vendors and knowledge seekers anywhere in the world the usage of blockchain technology. Payments are automated, allowing voice and video calls to be monetized except a prolonged setup or upfront payment. Knowledge carriers can promote their services thru a direct call hyperlink or QR code, which can be placed on any social media platform. A understanding issuer actually sets their rate per minute, and when the name is complete, app settles the charges based totally on the predetermined rate. Knowledge seekers will only be charged for the length of the call.

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