How to Earn AllSafe?

Our community is our biggest strength and we are ready to welcome everyone who has an interest in cryptocurrency and share our success. Whether you are an investor, enthusiast, creator or influencer, we have an opportunity for you to get a share of AllSafe Coin. Check our running activities below and join AllSafe Discord to get started.

AllSafe Discord Server

Starting your AllSafe journey is as easy as joining our community on Discord. Create a free Discord account, join our server and start earning AllSafe Coin everyday from rains, airdrops, giveaways, games, bounties and more.

AllSafe Coupon

AllSafe Coupon is a way to engage and grow the community. Buy an AllSafe Coupon worth 10 coins and automatically gift two friends each with an AllSafe Coupon. You or your friends can redeem the coupon anytime or keep it to participate in AllSafe Lottery.

AllSafe Lottery

Try your luck in our lottery. Buy an AllSafe Coupon and get a chance to win 1000 coins every month, forever. More coupons, more chances.

1000 Club

Holding 1000 AllSafe Coins opens the door to 1000 Club: an invite only area in AllSafe Discord with multiplied rewards, special events, discounts, deals and more. In addition, you can invest your coins in Pool the Club: a staking pool with extra rewards operated by AllSafe Team.

AllSafe Masternode

With strong market price and high rewards, AllSafe Masternode proved itself as a valuable long term investment asset. Activate your masternode easily on our hosting partners while your coins remain safely in your wallet.


We are partnered with numerous pool operators to give everyone a chance to get a share of block rewards. Deposit your coins in a staking pool or shared masternode and watch your investment grow.

AllSafe Army

Are you a community leader, influencer, content creator or marketing professional? If you believe you’ll be a positive value to our community and project, join AllSafe Army and get rewarded for your contribution.