| Getting into masternodes has never been so easy



Investments in instant masternode pools

Investment is actually stake or share of instant masternodes pool and earns a proportional share of rewards received by working masternodes in the pool. Instant masternodes are usually started in advance and already running before the coin is open for investments, thus facilitate exceptional service features.

You can start earning rewards in just 3 easy and fast steps:

  • 1 Create your trttNodes account
  • 2 Deposit coins to your trttNodes wallet
  • 3 Place your investment

Cold nodes

Cold wallet masternode hosting

This setup involves 2 wallets - one installed on your desktop, which holds the coins for collateral and other running on VPS, where masternode will be installed and running 24/7. In short VPS and masternode installation and maintenance are on us, while you keep your coins and receive rewards in your wallet.

Start a Cold node in just 3 easy and fast steps:

  • 1 Create collateral transaction to local wallet address
  • 2 Provide us transaction ID to link VPS wallet with desktop one
  • 3 Start masternode from your local wallet