[Video] Masternode Series

My name is Steve (aka HackCrypto on YouTube) and I’m excited to announce a new 8 part video series on Masternodes.

Quick Background - the core concept of the Hack Crypto channel is to simplify blockchain concepts for beginners/newcomers to “hack their crypto education.” Making the complex as simple as possible and sharing with the masses is how we reach the next 100 million people (imo).

HackCrypto Website - https://www.hackcrypto.io/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/hackcrypto

The vast majority of my viewers have been eager to learn more about alternatives to mining given this years bear market. With that said, Masternodes have come up a few dozen times per day and I want to showcase the full process of MNs to my viewers so they can get involved.

The series leaked this past week before I was prepared to announce partnerships and I’ve been overwhelmed by MN inquiries so I got ahead of everything and announced it HERE:

inding good MN projects is difficult and I’m heavily relying on referrals at this point BUT a select few of the awesome MN developers (I’ll shout them out later) in the space have helped me tremendously with the vetting process. Searching for projects that are stable enough to be included in the 8 part series over 3-4 months in a bear market is tough but we’re making progress.

If you’re involved in an awesome MN project thats listed on exchange(s) with between 10k - 200k in daily volume and you’re interested in being included in the series comment on this thread.

I’m looking forward to working closely with the community over the next 3 months to showcase all the projects in the series properly


First episode is live featuring CryptoFlow, BetweenBlocks, MasternodesOnline, MasternodeBuzz, and GINcoin

The first half of Masternodes in the series has been announced! Setup of Bitcoin Green and DIVI!

Setup of DarkPayCoin and LightPayCoin using SNODE and GIN hosting

BEACON and ALTBET masternodes are live on the series!

The top hosting platforms featured in the series GINCOIN, MIDAS, and SNODE

How to withdraw masternode rewards and BettexCoin Setup

1 month ROI for 11 Masternode portfolio

Top 10 Fastest Growing Masternodes in 2019

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